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"We also serve who only punctuate."  –Brian Moore

Green Words Writing and Editing combines a passion for environmental protection with a love of language. We bring over 20 years of writing, editing and research experience and over 30 years in the environmental field to bear on your projects.

Green Words can research, write and edit your publications. Although we specialize in all things green, we'll happily tackle documents outside the environmental field. We've worked on everything from psychology to poetry, fiction to history, memoirs to scientific reports and travel writing. Our clients range from non-profit groups to academics, publishers, writers, consultants, business and government.

Mission and Vision

As longtime environmental activists and lovers of language, our primary mission is to help environmental advocates be more effective by making the best impression they can on their audience. We want to help your words truly reach people so they might be inspired to protect this fragile green Earth. Or at least make the place a little saner in whatever field you work.

Years of university research and hands-on experience have given Green Words the knowledge and tools to shape messages so they advocate effectively for nature preservation. On an intellectual level, how you frame your arguments determines whether you'll be heard and what impact you'll have. On an emotional level, imaginative language can open mental and emotional gateways to profound appreciation for nature—the necessary prelude to engendering a passion for its protection.

Well written, error-free documents go a long way to making you look credible, trustworthy and legitimate. That alone helps advance your cause, whatever it may be. As trained, skilled professionals, we’d like to help you shine in print so you reflect exactly what you want to out into the world—clearly, effectively—to fulfill your mission.

What we do

Helping you look good in print could mean cleaning up typos and grammatical gaffes, crafting words to reach your target readers, or doing research you don’t have time to do. We’ll take on:

  • editing: stylistic, copy editing and proofreading
  • writing or rewriting
  • ghost writing
  • research
  • books
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • websites
  • brochures
  • proposals
  • reports
  • educational material
  • etc.